Nikita Kasyanenko
21 December 2015 Vehicle Telematics Collection and Analysis Platform

Nikita Kasyanenko, Co-founder and Marketing Director, “Smart Driving Labs” (, explained how we develop vehicle telematics collection and analysis solution.

How It Works

Telematics services is a very promising niche that is growing globally. Speaking about technical side of things, we are developing a solution (hardware + soft) that will be installed in a car and collect movement and technical condition data.

For example, we can get information about engine on/off, acceleration and braking, fastened and unfastened seat belt, technical malfunctions and over 20 other parameters. User gets these data in real time. A driver can see all the information in an app while corporate clients will be able to check the data on special cloud platforms.

Target Audience

There are several possible applications to this technology. One of them - working with insurance companies. They can use telematics data about driving style and car usage to improve their services and come up with more flexible custom rates.

A simple example - creating comprehensive insurance with mileage, time or area limits. If a person doesn’t drive a lot, say, only during weekends to the cabin in the woods, why should he/she pay as much as a car enthusiast who continuously uses his/her car?

Custom rates can also apply to those who drive carefully. This approach will allow insurance companies to offer their clients new products and custom rates, thus letting them economize on insurance.

Our product will also be interesting for owners of corporate motor pools who will be able to analyze the usage of their motor vehicles in real time.

On top of the said savings on insurance private car owners will be timely notified of any malfunction, will be able improve their driving style, make it safer, reduce fuel consumption and, ultimately, reduce the cost of owning the car. The system will also keep its users updated about car location, notify them in case of accident and when car is being towed away.

Another sphere of application is public transport. City authorities can monitor violations of traffic rules and optimize routes which will ultimately lead to reduced traffic density and increased road safety level.

Team and Plans

We have formed a strong team with a real experience in telematics. Managing partner and project’s mastermind Mikhail Anokhin has over 10 years of experience working in insurance and anti-theft business and was one of the Russian insurance telematics pioneers. Together with auto insurance leaders Mikhail was creating first ‘smart insurance’ products in Russian market.

Our senior experts also boast huge experience in creating products in automotive technology domain. We engaged experts from major insurance companies and developers of navigation and mapping services. Currently our team consists of over 20 employees and the number is increasing.

Drawing from our experience we at are creating a purely Russian telemetic product. We create the hardware, develop soft, we have our own mapping - all that is in line with the current import replacement trend and gives us price flexibility and allows us to take into account the peculiarities of Russian market.

As of now we have already raised funds from a private investor and are actively developing the product. In future we plan not only to actively develop domestically but to expand to CIS and overseas.

Currently the project is running in test mode. For more information about participation in tests, please write us at

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