Who are we and what we do

We are creating a platform that combines technologies, data and vehicles into a single system.

Smart Driving Labs’ experts are working to develop tools which will optimize the use and ownership of personal and corporate vehicles.
Our products will take the interaction between cars and people to a new level, with heightened security, comfort and cost savings, while increasing opportunities for the introduction of innovative business approaches.
"Soon, cars will be connected to the Internet and they will learn to “communicate”, both with each other and with their owners. As a result, there will be new levels of safety, optimized traffic flows, and financial savings for both businesses and car owners."
Mikhail Anokhin
Executive Director, Smart Driving Labs

What we are working on

The Labs team is made up of the best analysts, developers and mathematicians, all of whom have participated in dozens of innovative projects.

This fusion of knowledge and experience allows us not only to create software and hardware solutions for collection of telematics data, but also to develop systems to analyze and interpret these data. In this way we present our expertise in an accessible format that is suitable for everyday life and business.

Telematics platform for car owners

We have designed a telematics device which collects data on issues of car use – fuel consumption, routes taken, any malfunctions and dozens of others. The mobile phone application Element allows you to record and utilize detailed information about the vehicle.

Own mapping system

Given that a few years are all that separates fully autonomous vehicles from taking to the roads, there is less and less space for old-style maps. For this reason, we have developed our own highly accurate mapping system.

Tools for the creation of scoring models for insurance companies

The Labs’ telematics system was developed in Russia, taking into account the realities of the domestic motor vehicle market. The system allows insurance companies to create risk assessment models to work with specific clients, based not only on publicly available data, but also on the client’s driving style. As a result, low-risk clients will benefit most from the purchase of the policy, and their number will continue to grow.

Ways of optimizing automobile use in business

Smart Driving Labs offer a whole range of business solutions based on its own developments. Amongst these tools are systems to analyze efficacy and reduce costs by using a corporate motor pool, as well as tools to increase customer loyalty and convenience for the customers of auto dealer companies.


The automobile industry and associated industries are on the brink of massive change due to the introduction of new technologies. Within a few years, the way that we use cars both in everyday life and at work will change dramatically. Labs is working to hasten the arrival of these changes.
10 million

The number of cars which will have autopilot systems in four years’ time.

2020 year

By this year, cars will no longer be manufactured without navigators according to Peter-Frans Pauwels, the founder of the Tom-Tom navigator.

8 %

The penetration level of insurance among Russian car owners. The introduction of telematics technologies will increase this figure several times over in the coming years.