We have developed a modular system which combines telematics with security functions. Additionally, the Element device which is built in to the on-board diagnostics (OBD) form factor, takes up very little space, and can be easily installed.
The system requires no installation Simply insert the device into the car’s diagnostic connector
Compatibility The device supports all modern motor interfaces, such as high- and low-speed CAN buses, LIN buses, CAN diagnostic interfaces, K-line, etc.
Wireless communication The link between the security tag and security lock subsystem is implemented wirelessly.
Designed in Russia The system was designed and manufactured in Russia, and we adapted it for motor vehicles that are sold in our country.

Features of the System

Remote diagnostics

The Element device allows for remote vehicle diagnostics, such as error codes and mileage data. These functions are useful for car dealers and allow them to monitor when their clients’ cars are due for maintenance, and call them to schedule the maintenance works.

Collision Data Collection

The system makes it possible to collect collision data from all axes, both with the engine switched on and off. This is helpful for subsequent traffic collision reconstruction.


We have developed and integrated a unique scoring model to assess driving styles and generate driving style improvement tips.

Hidden installation

The telematics device can be set to “hidden” mode, a useful function for motor pool owners who want to know how company vehicles are being used.

VIN recognition

The system is linked to a particular car through its VIN; if the device is moved to another vehicle the server will be notified of vehicle change and disable the device until it is moved back to the linked vehicle. This reduces the possibility of insurance fraud.


Over-the-air update

We constantly work on improving user experience, and that is why we have implemented an "over-the-air" update feature. It allows us to quickly add new features, fix bugs and develop new firmware for new cars.