Getting started

Where can I purchase Element?

You can purchase Element in our sales offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, affiliated service centers and on our website. Also, you can get Element for free by purchasing comprehensive insurance from our partner insurance companies.

How do I install Element in the car?

Installing Element is very easy. Just insert the device into OBD diagnostic connector which is usually located inside the car under the steering wheel.

If you connect Element with extended functionality (for Security and Maximum plans) we do a hidden installation at our and affiliated service centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

What does subscription include?
Your subscription depends on the plan you have selected. You can check out our plans here.
Can I connect several cars to a single account?
Yes, you can connect as many cars as you want.
Can I use a single device on several cars?
No. Each device is linked to a specific car and cannot be used on other cars.
I want to give Element to a friend as a gift. How can I do that?
If you want to make your friend happy by giving him/her this great and useful product, you can purchase Element Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates are available in all Element sales offices. List of Moscow and Saint Petersburg sales offices is available here.
How can I get a discount on insurance?
To get a discount on comprehensive insurance you need to contact any insurance company from the list and get a customized insurance rate with our device.
How do I get insurance if I already have Element?
You need to contact one of our partner insurance companies to find out about comprehensive insurance rates and sign an insurance agreement.
Can I use the device in CIS and overseas?
Yes, but device’s Internet access will be blocked. Data from your abroad trips will become available on your mobile as soon as you return to Russia.
What do I do if I changed a car?
To continue using Element on a new car you need to contact our sales office and re-register the agreement to include your new car. If you obtained Element with comprehensive insurance you can connect it to the new car in the process of signing new insurance agreement with your company.

Technical support and maintenance

I cannot locate OBD connector
Diagnostic connector, as rule, is located inside the car under the steering wheel. To find out where it is, please contact your car dealer or visit one of our or partner installation centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
How do I know that I installed everything correctly?
After you install Element into diagnostic connector LED indicator will light up. If access to your car’s OBD connector is difficult and you cannot check whether the indicator is on, you can check the mobile app Element after your first trip.
Why the device is making sounds?
The device makes confirmation acoustic signals in the process of installation or update.
Will Element work in other countries?
To avoid any additional charges that may arise from using roaming we disconnect device’s access to Internet for the entire duration of your abroad trip. When you come back all your data for the past 2 weeks will automatically appear in your mobile app or website account.
I cannot start the car with the app
This function is only available on cars that have automatic starting and are subscribed to the plan that supports this function (Security or Maximum). Please make sure that your car is ready for automatic start, hand brake is set, and transmission is on neutral (if you have manual transmission). If you meet all of the above and still cannot start the car, please contact technical support at 8 800 555 42 99.
Why do I need a tag?
The tag is required for system user identification and managing system’s protection mode.
How does locking work?
Locking is activated if device is disconnected from diagnostic connector and in case of car movement with protection mode still on.


What is the difference between plans?
You can find out more about our plans and select the one that fits your needs best here.
How much Internet traffic is included in a plan?
Internet traffic in Russia is unlimited.
If I go abroad will I have to pay roaming charges?
No, because we disable device’s Internet access for as long as you stay abroad. When you come back all your data for the past 2 weeks will automatically appear in our server or in your mobile app.
How do I change the plan?
To get the details on how to change the plan you need to contact customer support at 8 800 555 42 99.

The App

Why do I need to install the application?
The mobile application will allow you to use all features of our system to the fullest. First of all it includes collection and analysis of driving and movement data with tips on how to improve your driving style. Also, with the Element app you can open/close doors, start the engine, enable service mode and monitor car’s technical condition.
How can I improve my driving style and increase the score with Element?
Element app analyzes your driving style and gives you tips on how to improve it. Also, the app keeps track of all your violations, including speeding.