Introducing Element

Smart driving companion

Your Car is Smart Now

Element allows you to be connected with your car 24/7. Installation of Element provides you with technical condition monitoring, remote control, smart insurance, anti-theft protection and many other useful features.

Smart Driving Labs Solutions Allow:

Create new exciting smart insurance products, attract low-risk clients and boost profits.

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Implement Connected Car services to enhance safety, comfort and customer loyalty.

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Get information on when and where your company’s vehicles are used, their technical and functional status, and employees’ driving styles.

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Three levels of technology

The Smart Driving platform integrates technological solutions which run on three functions.


We use consistently updated maps guaranteeing high accuracy and relevance of used data.

Cloud Platform

Leading developers and telematics service professionals have developed software which is unique not only in Russia, but all over the world in terms of its accuracy and efficiency.

Engineering developments

The Smart Driving telematics device was designed and manufactured in Russia, taking into account the specifics of the domestic market. Local production allows for greater control over the process of all stages of assembly, ensuring high quality products.

Smart Driving Lab – Partner of 5th International Conference “Smart Insurance”
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Complicated stuff in simple words

We have prepared a series of cards with answers to the most frequent questions about telematics and anything related to it.

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