Atlas Park
Fleet monitoring system for your business
Atlas Park is Russia’s first smart platform for monitoring and protecting a fleet of vehicles based on artificial intelligence.
Remote diagnostics
Remote monitoring of the technical and functional status of all vehicles in the fleet for timely maintenance and prompt troubleshooting.
Crash Ai
Online accident notifications with geolocation, severity and direction of impact based on machine learning system
Driving Assessment
A detailed analysis of each trip completed by your employees. Speeding, dangerous maneuvers, time of use, sudden braking and acceleration.
Building complex reports, identifying patterns and optimizing business processes. Our analysts will help you customize reports according to your specific needs
Reducing the cost of maintaining the fleet due to control of use, timely maintenance and reducing accident rate
The entire fleet on the map in real time with detailed information for each car (location, fuel consumption, travel, mileage, driving rating, etc.).
Driving style analysis – generating a detailed analysis of each trip and a score
Hard turns2
Hard accelerations5
Hard brakes6

Crash Ai – an early warning system based on machine learning technologies
February 2, 2019, 23:47
MKAD, 23 km, Moscow
Impact vector
Direction of impact
Ignition status
Speed change
Impact vector
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