Atlas Scoring

Scoring and risk assessment system for insurance companies

Atlas Scoring is a tool for selecting current clients, improving the quality of the client insurance portfolio, reducing fraud instances and creating UBI products. Leading Russian insurance companies use our platform to profile clients.
Driving scoring
Evaluates the driving style and nature of the use of cars on which the Element is installed. The assessment is based on more than 20 indicators: including dangerous maneuvers, speed violations, weather conditions, time of day and others.

Accident reports
The system sends online accident notifications and generates a 3D-picture of an accident with an indication of the geolocation, severity and location of the impact, which eliminates fraud and optimizes settlement costs.
Insurance scoring
Predictive assessment of personal insurance risk of the car and drivers, regardless of whether the Element is installed in the car. Allows for managing risks for existing and new clients and for combating fraud.
Online info exchange
In a separate B2B portal, online alerts for all equipped vehicles are configured.  Reporting, accident analysis and ability to manage your own fleet.
Telematics data
The system reads and provides online complete and accurate information about vehicles. Technical condition, usage, routes/geolocation, arrivals at service stations, accidents and data from CAN-buses.
New insurance products
Creating new products, including those with a complete risk assessment from the Smart Driving Laboratory, as well as personalized Casco offers based on car use. The program is relevant for young drivers, which improves Casco penetration.

Insurance scoring for risk assessment and calculating the cost of Casco

Driving scoring
Сredit history
Traffic police data
Data from mobile operators
Insurance history
SDL Scoring
Total score
The recommended cost of Casco
The average cost of Casco
Crash Ai – a neural network for determining and analyzing the severity of accidents
February 2, 2019, 23:47
MKAD, 23 km, Moscow
Impact vector
Direction of impact
Ignition status
Speed change
Impact vector
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