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23 December 2021
Statistics of the Smart Driving Labs (SDL) cloud platform indicates a record increase in the use of geoservices in 2021. The integration of connected systems into fleet management processes and the interest of drivers in the accuracy of their statistics has led to the fact that information about some changes in the road network, road signs and speed limits comes from users faster than from other sources.
Smart Driving Labs
26 October 2021
The MINI Russia announces a launch of a first test drive and car rental service called EASY2DRIVE. It’s a fully digital ecosystem that makes the registration process, selection of a car and booking service online via mobile app. Uniqueness of the service is that you may choose between short term and long term rental - up to few days. Last year BMW Russia launched a service called EASY2RIDE that offers similar service for BMW Motorrad bikes.
Smart Driving Labs
1 October 2021
AzurDrive and the "Smart Driving Labs" (SDL) have completed the creation of a fleet of more than half a thousand connected cars united by a single digital infrastructure. They will become the basis for the large-scale implementation of smart leasing programs in Russia. The use of IoT technologies, satellite navigation, telemetry and Big Data will reduce monthly payments by individualizing the approach to risk management.
Smart Driving Labs
26 August 2021
The Smart Driving Laboratory has launched an automated system for updating and individualizing the Connected Car cartographic resources of the Smart Driving Platform. The maps will be updated on a weekly basis, primarily where customers ' vehicles are operating taking into account their wishes and tasks. The new update mode is available for mapping coverage of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Brazil.
Smart Driving Labs
14 July 2021

Men spend more time behind the wheel, women drive less aggressively and value comfort more, while the annual mileage depends on the age of drivers, and safety depends on age and experience. These are some of the results of the large annual study "Driving 2021", conducted on the basis of telematics data from cars connected to the Connected Car platform of the Smart Driving Labs (SDL).

Smart Driving Labs
28 May 2021

AVTOVAZ announces the launch of the first LADA model connected to the LADA Connect telematics platform developed together with the Smart Driving Laboratory. It allows to remotely control the car`s systems using a smartphone. For buyers of the "connected" version of Granta, individual service conditions and special insurance programs will also be available, which will make the most popular LADA model even more affordable.
Smart Driving Labs
13 May 2021

Russia is starting to lag significantly behind the world's development of auto Usage-based insurance (UBI). At the same time, the domestic market situation in 2020 was favorable, and the low distribution and high cost of telematics solutions remains a key deterrent. Such conclusions were reached by the authors of a study conducted by analysts of the "Smart Driving Laboratory" (SDL).

Smart Driving Labs
22 April 2021
The use of the Connected Car platform of the "Smart Driving Labs" (SDL) helped to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers of the fleet of the Baltika Brewing Company (part of the Carlsberg Group) by 2.2 times in 2020.