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Laboratory news
13 May 2021

Russia is starting to lag significantly behind the world's development of auto Usage-based insurance (UBI). At the same time, the domestic market situation in 2020 was favorable, and the low distribution and high cost of telematics solutions remains a key deterrent. Such conclusions were reached by the authors of a study conducted by analysts of the "Smart Driving Laboratory" (SDL).

22 April 2021
The use of the Connected Car platform of the "Smart Driving Labs" (SDL) helped to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers of the fleet of the Baltika Brewing Company (part of the Carlsberg Group) by 2.2 times in 2020.
Jeff Peters
26 December 2019
While Bezos amassed billions, Apple took over our culture, Google became ubiquitous and software ate the world, the automotive industry needed a bailout.
Kristina Karpenko
22 August 2019

For the first time in 27 years of the Sertões International Rally, the largest off-road race on the American continent, Mitsubishi tech support vehicles serving the race will be equipped with telematics devices..

Marina Degtyareva
29 May 2019
“Smart Driving Laboratory” introduced a large-scale upd ate of the Element mobile application for the iOS platform. Now you can automate the startup, speeding appeal, se t the Face ID and PIN to enter, and all this in the updated interface.
Kristina Karpenko
20 May 2019
Our company conducted another study of the driving style of more than 10,000 customers throughout Russia. As the results showed, the use of telematics affects the behavior of drivers, regardless of the brand of car.
Kristina Karpenko
1 April 2019
Alexander Morozov, director of the Smart Driving Laboratory auto insurance department, took part in the annual conference “Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Automation for Insurance”.
Kristina Karpenko
14 March 2019
Findings of a study conducted among 10,000 cars of our customers show main differences in the nature of car use between residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg and regional cities.
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