Start of sales of the LADA Granta with LADA Connect system

AVTOVAZ announces the launch of the first LADA model connected to the LADA Connect telematics platform developed together with the Smart Driving Laboratory. It allows to remotely control the car`s systems using a smartphone. For buyers of the "connected" version of Granta, individual service conditions and special insurance programs will also be available, which will make the most popular LADA model even more affordable.
Сars with LADA Connect are available for order in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Samara Region, Tatarstan and the Perm Region, and in the coming months - throughout the official dealer network. The new LADA Connect telematics system is offered as an option for various configurations at a price of 12 000 rubles, including 3 years of service.

With the help of LADA Connect, car owners will be able to remotely monitor the condition of the car through the app installed in their smartphone (Android or iOS) and safely control some of its functions, for example: opening the doors and trunk, warming up and air-conditioning the interior, starting the engine, light and sound signals, checking the level of fuel and battery charge, notifications about evacuation, impact or malfunctions in the car systems, as well as the telematics platform LADA Connect allows owners to receive information about the location of the car in real time.

Olivier Mornet, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the LADA brand: "We are pleased to present the first LADA model with the Connected car system. Our ``connected`` telematics platform is a fundamentally new level of service and comfort, allowing to open new opportunities of LADA cars. I would especially like to note that LADA Connect functionality also provides an opportunity to receive feedback from each of its drivers. Buyers of Granta with LADA Connect will be able to maintain a dialogue with the dealer through the app - ask questions, report malfunctions, make an appointment, get useful information about the operation of the car. This information exchange will allow remote after-sales monitoring of the car`s components and assemblies, and offer drivers individual conditions for repairs and maintenance".

The partner of AVTOVAZ in creating software and hardware solutions for LADA Connect is the company ''Smart Driving Laboratory'', the largest and most experienced developer of automotive telemetry systems and services based on them in Russia. The secure information infrastructure of the Laboratory, integrated with the LADA customer service, will become the basis for creating a new format of interaction between drivers with the automaker and dealerships.

Mikhail Anokhin, General Director of the Smart Driving Laboratory: ''We are grateful to AVTOVAZ for the opportunity to participate in this landmark project. The interest of the country`s largest automaker in the development of the Connected Car platform is a huge step towards the introduction of the most modern digital technologies, which will give a new impetus to the development of all car-related industries - from production and service to sales, insurance, leasing and the development of car-centric e-commerce.''

One of the beneficial advantages of the "connected" LADA will be a discount on insurance under the KASKO system. The discount for the first year will be 10%. And with the renewal of the policy, some drivers will be able to save up to 30% for careful driving (in addition to the basic insurance discount for the absence of losses due to the fault of the client). The largest insurance companies participate in the "smart"  insurance program based on LADA Connect.

The functionality of the system allows to accurately restore the circumstances of an accident: the dynamics of acceleration or braking before a collision, the speed and position of the car. Thanks to this, the car owner will no longer need to collect certificates, depending on the methodology of a particular insurer, in order to receive a referral to the service for repair. The data* about the accident when the client claims the loss is automatically received by the insurance company and the entire settlement is moved online. This greatly simplifies the work on the insurance settlement, accelerates the repair and return of the car.

* ''Personal data'' is collected, processed, and protected within the framework of 152-FZ dated 27.07.2006 ''On personal data''

''The insurance (personal) data'' collection and processing is governed by the law of the Russian Federation dated 27.11.1992 № 4015-1 ''On organization of insurance business'' (edition of 30.12.2020) – data is encrypted on secure servers according to the requirements of section No. 1 (152-FZ dated 27.07.2006) and transferred only with the consent of the Insured.