Connected car platform for car manufacturers
ERA-Element – Connected car platform based on ERA-GLONASS with a commercial profile. The system is ready for integration into the automotive architecture of any brand at all stages of production.
The Device
The ERA-ELEMENT unit is part of the emergency call device. It conforms to interstate standards of ERA-GLONASS and technical rules and regulations of the Customs Union. The component base includes a stand-alone battery, SIM chip, GPS/GLONASS antenna, GSM/GPRS modem.
MGS Compliance
The ERA-ELEMENT unit has test reports that confirm its compliance with the MGS requirements for ERA-GLONASS devices: GOST 33467-2015.  Test methods: 33470-2015, 33471-2053, 33466-2015, 33468-2015.
Two Profiles
A 2-profile SIM chip is installed in the unit. The first profile is designed to work in the ERA mode for calling emergency services. The second profile is used to implement the Connected car commercial services.
Security and Privacy
The system runs on the Microsoft Azure platform using reliable cybersecurity protocols. Data is collected via encrypted communication channels, and then stored and processed in the protected system loops.
Ecosystem – combines the interests of all participants in the automotive market in one solution.

Insurance companies

  • Insurance scoring
  • Smart insurance

  • New insurance programs
  • Reducing fraud instances

Car dealers

  • Sales of additional services
  • Repeat maintenance check
  • Personalized communication
  • Developing the used car sales market

Vehicle owners

  • Connected Car system
  • Theft Protection
  • Casco Discounts
  • Online Services

Corporate clients

  • Fleet monitoring and protection
  • Technical condition control
  • Driving scoring

Era-Element is the only platform in Russia that combines the capabilities of the Connected car and the functionality of the ERA-GLONASS. The commercial profile allows us to provide our clients with services based on telematic, monitoring and anti-theft functions.
Architecture – connected car platform with fleet monitoring and protection features.
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