Smart Driving Laboratory: Summing up the outgoing year
If you will forgive the cliché, we frankly speaking look back at the outgoing year with a sense of satisfaction. In 2018, we made a break forward: new partners joined us, we launched large connected car projects and developed new technological solutions.

Business development

Not without pride, we note that in 2018 we were able to increase the number of customers 10 times. At the same time, practically all areas of our business showed significant growth. Sales of the connected-car device Element, for example, through dealerships increased 5 times. 100% more devices were sold than last year as part of insurance scheme.

Another important achievement for us is the start of sales of Lada Connect! Owners of some Lada models (Vesta, Granta, Xray, etc.) who use "Element" got the opportunity to start car remotely, control external lighting, to locate car on the map, and to check fuel level and battery charge online. Don’t you agree that the range of services is impressive! For these solutions the Smart Driving Laboratory was decorated with the ComNews Awards, which was granted to market leaders for achievements in the digital economy nationwide.

New lines of business

Last year, the Laboratory opened new lines of business, such as leasing and corporate monitoring. Major contracts with Carcade and Baltika companies were signed. Now our equipment is available in all regions of the Russian Federation, fr om Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Our team has doubled: the number of employees is now almost 100 people! Thanks to our close-knit work, we have increased the level of representation in the regions, worked on the quality of the services provided and, of course, successfully fought against the growth crisis that is characteristic of all companies that are growing at a pace like us.

We also paid special attention to the development of services and technologies in order to increase the comfort of using the car.

Chatbot for Telegram

Attention! The laboratory launched the first chatbot for Telegram in Russia that allows you to remotely control a car. Now the owners of the Element devices can control the operation of the engine, open and close doors, using only the Telegram messenger. Isn’t it awesome?

Element ios / android

But this is only the beginning! Now we are polishing the mobile application, and very soon, literally at the beginning of 2019, we will present a lot of updates for the iOS and Android platforms. Applications will not only become more native and convenient to use, but will also receive a number of new features. Our favorite is Automation which makes it possible to setup the autostart function under different conditions, for example, if the temperature in the cabin drops below or above a certain point, or the battery is down while you walking along the sandy beaches of Thailand or Brazil. Cool!

Crash AI

Your safety is an absolute priority for us. This year, the Laboratory analyzed data on accidents with our customers. Using this data, we created a crash recognition and early warning system based on machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies - Crash AI. This system will reduce the number of accidents and respond even faster.


The laboratory is expanding the number of partners in this sector. In 2018, we began cooperation with key players in the insurance such as Alfastrakhovanie, Rosgosstrakh, Soglasie, Ingosstrakh. Smart insurance programs has been developed in a partnership with them. The programme provides special conditions for getting a discount on comprehensive insurance for car owners with Element system. Such programs encourage drivers to drive safer and tidier in order to get a discount in the future.

In 2018, the “Smart Driving Laboratory” was included in the list of companies accredited by the Russian Union of Auto Insurers! Now, the data received by the Element device is recognized by Europrotocol, which will make it possible to register accidents without a traffic police officer. This will greatly simplify the life of our customers. Foreign markets

Having extensive experience in developing and launching Connected car solutions for completely different markets, the Laboratory has learned how to make first-class products, mobile applications and to provide services to customers at the highest level. And it would be absolutely wrong to miss a chance to share this experience with the rest of the world (others). To this end, in 2018 we attended more than 20 international conferences, held dozens of meetings and negotiations with foreign companies. In 2019, the first pilot projects abroad will begin, but wh ere exactly we will not tell you yet, stay tuned for our news! And we will not stop surprising you!

Taking this opportunity, we wish all our customers and their families Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2019!